an experimental blog to contain pictures I have made

Sunday, August 28

garth update

The above picture is the first thing that was drawn in the art package I'm writing. More details to follow.

Friday, August 26

blu-tack attack

[wallpaper 1024x768]
[wallpaper 1280x1024]

Tuesday, August 23


you shouldn't play on escalators...

Sunday, August 21

Tshirt design


I'm considering this for one of my first batch of tshirts.

Friday, August 19

Mos Strawberry

Wednesday, August 17

An unfinished pencil sketch

Tuesday, August 16

What electricity really looks like - background

[background :: 1024x768]

New desktop

wallpaper 1280x1024
wallpaper 1024x768

Sunday, August 14

razor doll snail

Sherpener abuse

[wallpaper 1024x768]

Saturday, August 13

Melt walpaper

[wallpaper 1280x1024]
[wallpaper 1024x768]

Friday, August 12

Imogen release

Larger Versions [1280x1024] [1024x768]

Thursday, August 11

Impractical mouse

every picture must have it's sad side

Tuesday, August 9

Pencil sketch of eye

A pencil sketch of an eye / graphite pencil on paper.

Monday, August 8

Einstein paint mash

I tried to do some drawin gin MS Paint - this is what happened.

Thursday, August 4

MS Paint whitely


I enjoy playing with the idea of the fourth wall - I'm not sure if this picture represents that or not.